Childish Is Fine, Child-Like Is Not

charlie and the chocolate factory

Dear Diary,

I work with young adults in a university and recently some of them have started to really piss me off. Don’t misunderstand me, the majority are hard-working and fun to be around – they also introduce me to trends like only painting one fingernail a different colour – remarkable! But a significant amount of them, and more so each year, act like total babies.

I mentioned this to a colleague who said we are now dealing with people who have been consumers from their earliest memories. My god! She hit the spot exactly, that’s exactly what these children are. They don’t respect me because I am older, more experienced, can teach them something. Instead they demand what they perceive to be their money’s worth and speak in litigious language. Often, they are down-right rude.

Childish is fun, I love childish humour. Why only last night, my partner was lying on the floor and asked me to high-five him and I hit slid my foot across his hand instead (grossss, I know) but we were in stitches for ages over something so stupid.  But being child-like is not fun, it is pathetic and tiresome. They are spoon-fed everything and are needy and boring.

All of these child-like graduates will have a very rude awakening when they get jobs. I should say IF they get jobs. If you have children make them grow up with a sense of pride and independence. Teach them to be polite and before they ask someone for an answer, teach them to Google it themselves. Please, for the love of god, don’t tell them they can’t be anything they want to be. They can’t.


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