What, You Don’t Use Face Oil?!

estee lauder advanced night repair

If you don’t use face oil then please be under 30 and have oily skin.

I used to think face oils were as useful as snake oil. I am, however, now sold on this nighttime beauty product and wish wish wish someone had told me about it earlier. Pour or drop some on to your hands/fingertips (don’t be too stingey) and rub until a little warm and place over your face. I like to rest it on my face before pressing a little (this probably doesn’t do anything spectacular but I feel more like in a spa)… wait til it sinks in a little and then apply moisturiser over.

It. Is. Amazing.

If I forget to do this at night, I can tell the next morning. I kid you not. I’ve tried many (of course) and the only one I would NOT recommend is Argan oil products (Argan really is snake oil, don’t fall for it Emperor and your New Clothes).

Big Bucks, about £48
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (image above).

This is my favourite. It is ace, super ace.  I use every night and it easily lasts 4-5 months.

kiehls-midnight recovery concentrate

How much?? About £35
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil

More reasonably priced and just as good as the Estee Lauder, I just think it takes a little longer to apply. It does last longer than the Estee Lauder though. Hmm, maybe I should go back to using this instead…

Slightly cheaper, about £32
Clarins Face Treatment Oil

Good, yes it is “good”. I have a friend that prefers this to Kiehl’s, but I disagree. For a couple of quid, it’s worth upgrading.

Marks & Spencer Super Active Overnight Oil
Budget baby, about £6 (honestly)
Marks & Spencer Super Active Overnight Oil

Yes! I know! My sister and I have been secretly diving into M+S make-up for years. It has always been of high quality and the lippies sometimes receive more of a response than Tom Ford. This oil is fab, does the trick nicely. I’m hitting 40 though so want to indulge a little more which is why I pay out for the top-end stuff. This is a good product to try out first and see if you like it.



2 Comments to “What, You Don’t Use Face Oil?!”

  1. I love midnight recovery I put it on religiously and generously every night.

    I’d like to ask though not every product cures every beauty crisis especially around the eyes. What is one to do regarding which product comes first e.g. Does brightening cream get applied after wrinke cream?

  2. Hi Anjana

    I am going to review some eye brightening creams for the under eye area so thanks for your question (I have an AMAZING product to recommend as I have very bad dark circles)

    I advise you to apply wrinkle cream first because that needs to penetrate first. Allow a little time to let it absorb and then apply brightening cream with a ring finger and dab it over.

    Hope this helps!

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