Google Rage

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When I signed up to Gmail, my sister went nuts at me!  Didn’t I know that they scan my emails for their product placements? That it was a creepy corporation and if it were doing that to sell advertising to me, then what would someone have to pay to get other intimate details about me?

This being those heady innocent pre-Snowdon, pre-Levenson, pre-watershed days, I poo-pah’d it and said nonsense! Google didn’t do anything that others didn’t do, hotmail tries to sell me trainers that I clicked on yesterday as well.

The backlash has started and is getting nasty. Some Google employee was testing Google Glass in a coffee shop in San Fran, California and was attacked by fellow coffee sippers. A man ripped the glasses off the Google-tester screaming “Fucking Google, you’re ruining this city”.

When you wear Google Glass you can take a photo of someone just by blinking and no-one else would know about it. Google argue that the glasses are visible and therefore if you see someone wearing them, then you know that a photo may be taken. Eh???
This is a true story: I was on a bus in Hampstead, London and was standing next to a young mum with her toddler. I was facing backwards and saw the man sitting behind her take a photo of her child on his mobile, no flash but there was a tiny sound. Without thinking, I immediately said “oh he’s just taken a photo of your girl” and the mum jumped up in fright. She confronted the man who by now was denying it. A crowd formed around us and the man was forced to show his phone where there was a photo of the girl and he was made to delete it. He was now saying it was a mistake and I was saying that it wasn’t a mistake, I saw him take the photo in a sneaky way.

Unfortunately the bus driver stopped at a bus stop and the man escaped off the bus and ran away very fast.

Google Glass creeps me out in many many ways. Apparently the rage was perhaps more to do with the fact that rich Google employees are taking over the city which is now full of haves and have-nots. I disagree. I think the problem is with this blatant breach of our privacy and the slippery slope that we embark upon.

creep tlc

Come on girls time for a re-release! What a CREEP oh ahhhh oh ahhh…


One Comment to “Google Rage”

  1. That is CREEPY imagine that he denied it after being caught!!

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