Sex Crimes

canadian police

It will come as no surprise to you to hear that “Sex Law & Crimes” was the most popular module during my law degree. I love studying the subject, the academic analysis and historical analysis of sex law in England.

There was a case heard this month by the Canadian Supreme Court that literally sent shivers down my body. It is so shocking that it deserves analysis, and for once, don’t panic reading ahead because the court made the right decision.

A man, Craig Hutchison aged 43, was dating a woman for A MONTH and started panicking that the woman was going to ditch him. So, he started pricking (pardon the pun) his condoms with holes in the hope that she would get pregnant and they would stay together. Sure enough, she became pregnant.

At that stage, Hutchison confessed what he’d done. The woman was furious (can you imagine!) and had an abortion and went straight to the police. At first the court threw the case out and said that this was still consensual sex.

However the appeal which was confirmed in the Supreme Court made the right decision, she had only consented to protected sex. He’s been done for aggravated sexual assault. I don’t see why rape wasn’t included in the charge against him but will have to read further into the case.¬† What a bastard.


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