Do You Look Tired After 8 Hours Sleep?

perricone no concealer concealerThere is nothing you can do to dark circles under your eyes. Stop wasting money on products that pretend that you can erase them. Stop drinking water, it tastes rubbish. Dark circles are heredity (thanks mum, also thanks for the ghetto ass).

Enter Dr Perricone MD. Sound like some quack American doctor, right? Like the one off the Simpsons (hey, the 90s are in so we are allowed to reference the Simpson again). Well, anyway his No Concealer Concealer is awesome. It’s just under £40 so yah, a bit more pricey than your usual but if you are south Asian origin then you probably look like you need it.

It will last ages, you only need to dab a teeny weeny bit on your fingers to pat down and then apply your foundation. I have been using every day for a month and it looks like I have a full bottle. The effect is amaaaazing! (Thank god people have stopped asking me if I’m tired).

Please stop using Touch Eclat which doesn’t even work and makes you look like a dick in photographs.

Apparently this Dr Perricone stuff is anti-ageing too. That sounds like bollocks to me anyway, the make-up works, I love it you will love it, go order it!


3 Comments to “Do You Look Tired After 8 Hours Sleep?”

  1. I need this. Now.

  2. Thanks for the review, I just ordered some!

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