Day 1 WIFW: Loving Life And The Art of Seduction

Vineet Bahl

Vineet Bahl WIFW AW 2014

My fellow blogging buddies and I had to keep reminding ourselves that we were seeing AW collections as both Anupamaa and Vineet Bahl showed collections that could easily overlap the current Spring/Summer trends.  Shame we have to wait for the collections to hit stores!

Vineet Bahl used to be one of my favourite Indian designers due to his Western silhouettes which were gorgeous.  Over the last couple of years he has started specialising in India ethnic wear which I guess has more commercial sense for him but he was truly a refreshingly different designer for Western design.

His new AW14 is inspired by the celebration of every moment of life without prejudice and judgement.  The collection began with muted earthy handloom silks occasionally peppered with neon embellishment detail and pastel shades slowly crept in and made way for a myriad of vintage inspired colours and delicious combinations such as Prussian blue with peach. Want!!

Vineet Bahl 2

Feminists block your eyes and ears as I describe the inspiration behind Anupamaa’s collection.  Entitled ‘Kama’ it is essentially a collection intended for a new bride to seduce and keep ‘her man’.  From the press release:

All the clothes are completely rooted in tradition and totally within the modesty requirements of the demure Indian bride. Kamasutra stresses on adornment. Thus adorned she will use her beauty and body language to make her man feel like he is the only man in the world.


Anupamaa 1

Anupamaa WIFW AW 2014

Anupamaa 2

Anupamaa WIFW AW 2014

Anupamaa 4

Anupamaa WIFW AW 2014…isn’t the colour lovely?

It goes on to describe how this collection will be used to seduce and so on.  I’m an anything goes type of feminist but I find this inspiration rather patronising and out of touch with modern women and their lifestyles but perhaps that”s just me.  Anupamaa’s fantasy customer clearly doesn’t have too much else to think about.




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