Tarun Tahiliani: Art & Ornament


Tarun Tahiliani WIFW AW 2014

‘…Ornament as the principal embellishment is the glue that binds this collection together’ Tarun Tahiliani.

Setting the standard for the rest of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week with a stellar opening show veteran Indian designer, Tarun Tahiliani, did not disappoint. His AW14/15 ready to wear collection was an indulgent voyage in worldly ornamentation and clever layering. Precious jewellery provided the colour palette and inspiration for embroideries.

Ruby, emerald, onyx, sapphire, gold, turquoise…an Aladdin’s cave of rich inspirational colour. Textiles included silk brocades, draped into structured salwar trousers and other fine silks used in flowing kaftan inspired silhouettes or as a base for amazing kaleidoscope prints. I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the collection at the fittings prior to the shows and the fabrics and styles are even more gorgeous close up.


Tarun Tahiliani WIFW AW 14


Tarun Tahiliani WIFW AW 14

Artistic layering of different but complimentary styles demonstrated the versatility of the individual pieces. The dhoti and lungi drape inspired pants and skirts were easily paired with daily urban wear. Blouses with adventurous backs and embroidery were paired with multiple saris to create myriad combinations or even with palazzo pants. Tunics, gilets, ombré dyed pashminas, kurtas, vintage dresses, graceful kaftans had either hand embroidered or Swarovski Elements embellishment to add a real luxury finish.

TT 1

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty in the centre, Tarun Tahiliani on the right.

Tarun Tahiliani is naturally a couturier and his Pret line is indulged with couture touches not normally present at affordable price points.


Tarun Tahiliani WIFW AW 2014


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  1. Amazing design of dresses, I want to visite boutique, please if any address can you share .

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