Day 2 WIFW: Souk Souk, La Vie En Rose & Changing Perceptions


Myoho WIFW AW 2014

The latest Myoho by Kiran & Meghna collection entitled ‘Souk Souk’ is inspired by Morocco but with yogic aesthetics and a rustic colour palette of Persian blue, slate black and sindoor red (this is the red powder Hindu brides traditionlly wear in their hair parting).


Myoho WIFW AW 2014


Myoho WIFW AW 2014


Prama WIFW AW 2014

Prama by Pratima Pandey showcased a collection inspired by Edit Piaf and Le Vie En Rose. The Grazia award winning designer selected lovely rustic Autumnal colours and included sumptuous velvet embroideries.


Prama WIFW AW 2014


Prama WIFW AW 2014


Vaishali S WIFW AW 2014

Vaishali S was inspired by perceptions, and the interplay between beginnings and endings and handloom weaves.


Vaishali S WIFW AW 2014


Vaishali S WIFW AW 2014

Personally, I felt the lighter fabrics and colour selections were more appropriate for a Summer collection, however, the sun is always shining somewhere in the world.


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