Nick Clegg v Nigel Farage

clegg farage

Did you hear the Great Debate yesterday between the above? Probably not if you don’t live in England or have a job as it was aired during office hours.

Anyway, there is much commentary and analysis about it today in the papers and on Radio 4. Wide consensus is that Farage won.

Give me a break. They both know that their voters won’t go to the other side. Clegg debated Farage because any coverage of UKip is good news for the Lib Dems as Tory voters flock to tick Farage boxes. As for Farage, he needs all the coverage he can get. This is why Clegg remained calm and collected, thoughtful, articulate. He knows his audience. This is why Farage started frothing at the mouth, got angry and sweaty and slightly racist. He knows his audience.

My favourite comments came from David Cameron and Ed Milliband. Cameron: no, I didn’t have time to listen to the debate, I was running the country. Milliband: this is a chat between two men of little consequence who will never be prime minister. Ha!


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