Rahul Mishra: Woolmark Prize Winner 2014


rahul mishra1

Rahul Mishra WIFW AW 2014

The 2014 winner of the prize that launched 1,000 designers (okay well not quite) …the internationally coveted Woolmark prize was awarded this year to Indian designer, Rahul Mishra. The prize has been credited with turning previous winners such as Giorgio Armani into household names.

rahul mishra2

Rahul Mishra WIFW AW 2014

The Woolmark body and awarding panel said of Rahul’s collection that one of the reasons his stood out amongst the other entrants were his innovative approach to wool as a Summer fibre was refreshing. They also admired his use of merino wool as a yarn for exquisitely detailed embroideries.

Rahul experimented with highly skilled traditional tie & die techniques called Bandhini on ultra light merino wool to create permanent texture and effects.  The result as you can see is subtle yet striking.

rahul mishra3

Rahul Mishra WIFW AW 2014

rahul mishra4

Rahul Mishra WIFW AW 2014

rahul mishra5

Rahul Mishra WIFW AW 2014

The collection that we saw yesterday evening in a packed venue was the collection Rahul presented in Milan. It is quite simply gorgeous… (can I have a leather obi belt please?)



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  1. The collection looks amazing.

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