Bibi, Lady of Leisure



Nikasha WIFW AW 2014

Regular Chatterboxes know I am a real sucker for Sufi poetry and I was delighted to find that designer, Nikasha had a Rumi poem in her show notes:

In your light I learn how to love…
In your beauty how to make poems
You dance inside my chest where no one else sees you,
but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.

Wah wah, masha’allah! Ok, back to the collection.


Nikasha WIFW AW 2014

Nikasha’s collection was entitled ‘Bibi, lady of leisure’ and indeed it was romantic and feminine for lounging, pampered ladies in pretty vintage boudoirs. French knots, diamante and pearl embellishment added the detail in a collection full of pomello pinks and cherry blossom.


Nikasha WIFW AW 2014


Nikasha WIFW AW 2014


Nikasha WIFW AW 2014


Nikasha WIFW AW 2014


Nikasha WIFW AW 2014


Nikasha WIFW AW 2014


Nikasha WIFW AW 2014


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