Rajputana Traveller by Samant Chauhan


Samant Chauhan WIFW AW 2014

‘Some travels take you so far that even when you return you are gone forever…probably it’s then they call it a journey’…the Rajputana Traveller.


Samant Chauhan WIFW AW 2014

Designer, Samant Chauhan grows in confidence each season with new chapters from his Rajputana fashion series.  Continually drawing on inspiration from his native Indian state he keeps the collection looking bold and structured yet incredibly feminine.


Samant Chauhan WIFW AW 2014

Natural golden hues are offset by one colour: scarlet, the opposite of subtle.  Samant’s collection is aimed at a contemporary Indian bridalwear market and it is grand enough to set the modern bride apart. Samant has always worked with hand woven silks and eco friendly textiles and this collection is no different.


Samant Chauhan WIFW AW 2014


Samant Chauhan WIFW AW 2014


Samant Chauhan WIFW AW 2014

The architectural inspired embroidery motifs  include domes that pepper the Rajasthan skyline and honeycomb patterns from stone jali windows in the region.


Samant Chauhan with a model at the pre-show fitting


Samant Chauhan pre-show fitting


Samant Chauhan close up detail AW 2014

You can read my previous interview with Samant Chauhan here.



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