WIFW: Cool Kashmir


Zubair Kirmani WIFW AW 2014

Two designers were inspired by Kashmir for AW 2014/15: Zubair Kirmani and Mrilnalini. It was great to see how the same inspiration can produce such different results. Zubair’s collection was feminine indulgence and prettiness whereas Mrilnalini had a utilitarian approach.


Zubair Kirmani WIFW AW 2014


Zubair Kirmani WIFW AW 2014


Zubair Kirmani WIFW AW 2014


Zubair Kirmani WIFW AW 2014

Zubair’s collection was one of escape and romance and a celebration of traditional Kashmiri embroidery techniques with the work produced in Kashmir itself for added authenticity.

A newer designer, Mrilnalini’s collection was inspired by Kashmir’s former serenity and the collection strived to make a political reference to bandaging old, angry scars but with an aim of hope and spirituality. Military inspired looks gave way to those inspired by Sufism.


Mrinalini WIFW AW 2014


Mrinalini WIFW AW 2014


Mrinalini WIFW AW 2014


Mrinalini WIFW AW 2014



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