Life And Laughter With A Diplomatic Wife


Author Brigid Keenan is a charming, witty writer who knows exactly how to recall a lifetime of wonderful and disastrous events as the trailing wife of a diplomat.  I read her book Diplomatic Baggage after meeting Brigid at a dinner party one evening in London. We created instant warmth as we exchanged stories of India.

Packing Up – Further Adventures of A Trailing Spouse is Brigid Keenan’s latest book about her life in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Palestine.

The Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival 2014 organised a lovely afternoon over a light lunch with Brigid reading entertaining excerpts of her books and having us all in stitches.

Amongst the hilarity there were touching moments that many expats or frequent travellers, such as myself, can relate to such as loneliness and amusing communication breakdowns. Brigid’s diary and experiences resonate with many of us. I simply can’t wait to read Packing Up!


P.S. The literature festival is on until 21 May so check the website for events you might like to go to: also check the official twitter handles for last minute offers @asiahouseuk and @festofasianlit

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