Polio Certificate to Leave Pakistan


From June 2014 if Pakistanis want to visit countries abroad they need a government authorised certificate that they have been vaccinated against polio after new advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO).  Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon have been singled out as the last threatening reserves of the disease.

Although adults can carry the disease it only affects children often leaving them disabled.  Polio workers in Pakistan have been consistently targeted by the Taliban with nurses being machine gunned down whilst at work.  Not that one needs a reminder of how thick the Taliban are but they apparently believe the vaccinations are a Jewish conspiracy. Okay.

I read this story in the New York Times and you can read more here but this is the part of the story I find quite sad:

Every day Mr. Ali and his fellow vaccinators, who are paid $2.50 a day, immunize at least 2,800 children. Some eight million children were immunized at 10 such transit points across the country in 2013, in a program that is partly financed by Rotary International and supported by the W.H.O. “Terrorists may want to destroy Pakistan, but this virus is destroying our nation,” Mr. Ali said.

Only £2 wage per day – sick! Even doubling his wage to a massive £4 would make a significant change to a worker’s life given that they are carrying out work of global significance.

What a crazy world we live in.


2 Comments to “Polio Certificate to Leave Pakistan”

  1. The problem the Taliban has with the polio vaccine is that the polio vaccination program has been used as a front for spying, the most high profile case of this was Osama Bin Laden being caught through polio workers monitoring his children. The Pakistani goverment or whichever government (read US) who did it basically shot themselves in their own foot. Once the seeds of mistrust are shown, it’s hard to get rid of it. The only way around it is to separate world health from politics and start from scratch.

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