Tibits: Veggie Heaven


I am a veggie (sort of, I can eat fish if it isn’t looking at me) but I avoid veggie restaurants. I know that’s bonkers but I find that good restaurants always have good options and let’s face it, the atmosphere will be better as veggie restaurants aren’t usually filled with roaring drunken laughter.

Not so Tibits! Tucked away on Heddon Street just off Regent St, this gem of a restaurant is wonderful. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a restaurant because it has such a relaxed vibe to it (read on) but I would still take a date as it’s so fun.

Basically there’s no waiter service. You get your drinks at the bar (around £6 for a glass of wine) and then whenever you want, you go up to a huge area of food (all veggie) which is placed around in a great oval of yumminess. There is hot and cold food for many different palates. You take as much or as little as you like and pay per weight.

Think posh picnic.

The coolest thing was that my friend and I sat undisturbed for ages and enjoyed each other’s company without constant “is everything ok” intrusions. I love good service too but after a day’s shopping, it’s nice to have this indoor boozy picnic too!



One Comment to “Tibits: Veggie Heaven”

  1. I went to Tibits in Zurich the other week for Sunday brunch and yum!! And I’m not even a veggie, I love meat, but the food was so good that I didn’t even miss it.
    I didn’t realise that they had branches in other countries, the one here is an institution and has been around for at least 30 years. And it has the exact same atmosphere here too, laid back, no one trying to rush you on…

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