Amy’s Bread

amys bread carrot cake

If you find yourself wandering around bustling Hell’s Kitchen, New York then there are a million and one places to stop for cake and coffee. So how to select the best one once you ignore all the chains? (Rather alarming posters of Oprah Winfrey currently on every Starbucks window as she’s promoting her new Chai Latte, now that’s random.)

Easy! Go to Amy’s Bread – it is such a find! Too cute – it reminds me a little of Gail’s Kitchen in London but this is a million times better and cheaper. We walked in for $3 iced mochas and read a cute sign “Voted Best Carrot Cake by the New York Post”. Sold!
We sit down in an adorable cafe awaiting our $5 carrot cake. Next to me a geeky guy reading a tv script – I try to read it over his shoulder, does that really say “Jennifer Aniston”? Opposite are two cute gay guys holding hands under the table, there is an older woman sitting alone who is so sexy I can’t stop staring at her. It is packed.

Oh. My. God. A slice of cake the size of my HEAD arrives on a plate. Is this for real? How on earth can we possibly eat that? Luckily our Punjabi genes kick in and we polish off the most delicious carrot cake I have ever eaten.

Go! You will love it.


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