How to…Pack for Holiday?

packing for holiday

Bubbly you’ve GOT to help me!!! That was my sis as she thought of packing for her ten day holiday (3 days before the departure date… a little extra notice would help).  And another friend told me that she recently returned from a trip to Mexico exasperated as nothing she packed went together and she simply couldn’t create looks she was happy with while she was there.  There’s no doubt about it, holiday packing can be stressful.

My first advice to my sis was to make a grid with the number of days at the top and day and night to the left:

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Fly out Fly back

I asked my sis to  write down the parameters:

1. she was going on a city break

2. the weather wasn’t guaranteed to be warm

3. there were going to be 2 Friday nights and 1 Saturday night out and casual drinks on the some of the other evenings.

We then wrote down what she would wear from her existing wardrobe (note: I’m a fashion designer and gave my sis a whole tonne of new clothes for Summer 2014) and what was missing.  After going through this process we ascertained she needed basics like another pair of jeans, some sandals and a dress for one of the big evenings, simple!

The good thing about writing everything down was that if we hadn’t we would have gone holiday shopping and bought ridiculous amounts of clothes that may or may not actually make an outfit and the process (which doesn’t need to be time consuming) forces you to create ‘looks’ whilst at home so if anything is missing you focus on it while you can do something about it.

This process may or may not work for you but it certainly helped my sis and it was one major stress off the list…don’t forget your sunglasses!




3 Comments to “How to…Pack for Holiday?”

  1. I think a lot of women do this. It’s really important to create not just outfits, but a capsule wardrobe of pieces that mix / match / layer for a lot of looks. The layering also helps with temperature.
    Shopping the closet? Double win. You know what the clothing looks like and you know it will work.

    • It’s interesting that you mentioned a capsule wardrobe as it inspired my friend who went to Mexico to entirely change the way she shops, and opt for more capsule type pieces.

  2. Hello everyone! This method is super and works! I looked fabulous every day and didn’t waste any time thinking about what to wear (usually on holiday I end up wearing odd things that don’t go or buying things that look fab after a cocktail and when I bring it home I won’t touch it ever again! Bubbly is the best!

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