Sunday Mayhem in the West Village


Of course in New York you have to go for brunch. I have plenty places to recommend but my favourite is one that you don’t go purely to eat. You simply must try the Beaumarchais in the West Village, New York.

Don’t waste your time going there in the week, you have to go on a Sunday afternoon to get that truly bonkers feeling of turning repeatedly to people around you screaming oh my god can you believe this crazy place on a SUNDAY??

It starts off ok. A little bit pretentious and we were made to wait over 30 mins for a table that we’d booked weeks earlier (make sure you book a table by the way, you won’t be able to just walk in). I loved the people-watching potential of this place and we were given a corner table where we could maximise general oggling of New York’s finest party people (there must have been 5 birthdays going on in there). So here we were having having brunch with cocktails ya know, it’s what New Yorkers do.

Then all of a sudden, the curtains are drawn at 3pm and the bright sunshine outside is shut out and Beaumarchais restaurant turns into a beach style nightclub. Yes! At 3pm. Up until now, people are eating and drinking and being pretty merry. But now, at nightclub time, it turns everyone completely loopy and suddenly the pretty super well-groomed Jewish girls next to us are on the tables whooping and screaming.

The group of big-hair friends in the middle are jumping on their chairs. Their daddys or sugar-daddys (I can’t tell which) are also up in their 80s suits and pony tails and waving their arms around like they just don’t care.  A group of beautiful black girls are just being cool and swaying with style until an old 90s track flips on and they too are bouncing up and down on their chairs!

And hello, where did all these MEN come from? They just magically appear standing there posing and watching (yes, a little creepy but they are not sleazy, if you don’t want to talk to them they don’t care because there are 20 girls in your place ready to chat to Mr Bisceps). I come back from the loo to find my friends hugging each other and spinning around to hip hop and South American hits giggling madly! This place haha it is just NUTS.

It’s crazy but good crazy and we loved it. The best bit, of course, is falling out of the place completely tipsy only to realise that it is broad daylight outside. Mental. Do these people not realise it’s Monday tomorrow?

Oh yes, and the food? I don’t remember if the food is good because I honestly can’t remember what I ate!


2 Comments to “Sunday Mayhem in the West Village”

  1. I love this place! It is a little crazy though, but it’s good crazy!

  2. Wow, Bunty I really wanna go!

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