Don’t Do It: Brown Lippie

brown lipstick 3

The case against brown lipstick: Exhibit 1 the ageing effect

I know the 90s are back and I’m a 90s kid but…yuck.  Brown lips are gross and add 15 years to a face.  I got my first Rimmel Heather Shimmer lippie free with more! magazine and dabbed it on whilst frowning over Position of the Fortnight.

rimmel heather shimmer lipstick

You couldn’t open a magazine in the 90s without the beauty pages or a supermodel gushing over Mac’s Spice lip liner.  When Mac finally arrived in the UK it was one of the first pencils I picked up and tried… thinking WHAT is everyone going on about?  Maybe it’s the lighting in the store and I should buy it anyway?

MAC spice lip liner

brown lipstick 1 aniston-brown-lipstick

The case against brown lipstick: Exhibit 2

brown lipstick 2

The case against brown lipstick: Case Closed

I think the way to appreciate the 90s is to pick a choose the best bits such as minimalism and grunge and ditch the worst bits such as brown lippie, hair straighteners and The Rachel.  Ha!



2 Comments to “Don’t Do It: Brown Lippie”

  1. This is hilarious – I also had heather shimmer and thought I looked ACE!!! Can anyone pull off brown lippie? Even my female crush (J-Lo) doesn’t suit it

  2. ha ha love it ladies, i hadn’t thought about this debate before 🙂 xx

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