Little Brazil in London

guanabara london
Have you noticed the World Cup started yesterday?
If you didn’t, then wow!
The magic of the World Cup has been lost for me. I haven’t been excited about it since when that crazy Cameroon goalie would run up the pitch and score a goaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!!!!!
Try this: my friends and I went to Guanabara last night for the opening night. It’s a Brazilian bar off Holborn/Covent Garden. Usually a bit studenty, we usually avoid it as it doesn’t stock one’s champagne, what what! But occasionally it is rather fun to hang out with 20-somethings during happy hour.

Guanabara does not disappoint! For £10 you get entry into a packed sold out night filled with football, samba dancing, that weird Brazilian martial arts thing, more dancing and yummy rummy cocktails. It was incredibly good fun. And sometimes you noticed the football going on in the back.
They are holding similar nights for ALL Brazil and England matches… and if they’re not your teams, all other matches are being shown silently, with headphones if you want to hear it. Tickets sold out for the opening, and are likely to be hot if England manage to perform.
So, enjoy!

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