cubania carlos acota

It feels special when you see a living legend in real life.

I was front row for a Michael Jackson concert, went to two Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan concerts, saw Mo Farah win gold in London and I have even chatted to Pele.

Last night I saw Carlos Acosta at the Royal Opera House and was blown away. Cubania is his show, he curates and dances in it. Modern ballet and dance set to some live Cuban music.

Both acts start a little slowly but they build to a crescendo.  My favourite was an athletic dance in a cube (you had to be there). The second act is a cheesy story of a country guy moving to the city (nothing new story-wise) but the dancing was spectacular. My favourite part was a fabulous dance off between the boys and girls.

Carlos has changed the face of modern ballet. He performs it in the ROH when most other dance stars can only pull crowds in Sadler’s or the Peacock. Catch him while you can, any minute now he is likely to announce his retirement and move into the shadows of choreography.


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