The God Complex Delusion



It is important to have crushes. A fantasy one (Hulk, Brazilian), a real life one (a new friend), an intellectual one (Richard Dawkins) and sometimes, I even fancy my husband!

But I’m here to talk about the sacking of my intellectual crush, Richard Dawkins, who turned from excellent biologist (superseded only by Stephen Jay Gould who wrote in a more “for dummies” way) to monster raving loony.

Since his book The God Delusion concluded that the reason my mother is religious is because she is intellectually inferior, he has continued to offend for the sake of it. He seems to have a particular problem with Muslims. Such as that crap about no-one from a Muslim country winning the Nobel prize.

His most recent tweet rant has now finally got me to forever ignore him. He tweets that date rape is bad but being raped by a stranger at knife point is worse. He then tells us that if we, probably a stupid woman, think that he is endorsing date rape then we are thick.

I don’t think he’s endorsing date rape, but I do wonder why he chose to use rape to make his point. What kind of mind would even wander down to that kind of comparison?

I could choose to explain what he meant, the context etc but you know, I can’t be bothered. He’s just a dickhead.

jim al khalili


New intellectual crush: Jim Al-Khalili


4 Comments to “The God Complex Delusion”

  1. He is an arrogant twat. He also has the same idea about “mild” paedophilia!

  2. This book has always been on my ‘must read’ bucket list…. Think I might give it a miss after this!

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