Nish Kumar at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

nish kumar

A few evenings ago my sister reluctantly dragged me to see Nish Kumar, the stand up comedian, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  I’m not into stand up comedy but I laughed from beginning to end whilst sipping my delicious pear cider.

If you’ve never made it over to the Edinburgh Festival then put it on your bucket list it really lives up to its reputation as the biggest arts festival in the world.  Having grown up in Edinburgh I can truly say that the best of the city is at this time of year when it comes alive with optimistic creativity.

Nish Kumar’s set is very funny indeed, even though he poked fun at my ilk of lactose intolerant weaklings..! I agree, my mum thinks it’s daft too.  Nish has been reviewed extremely well by the national broadsheets as an up and coming star so go and see him while it’s cheap!




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