The Honourable Woman

the honourable woman

Summer is fun but you are invariably saving up for a holiday or have recently spent over your budget on one. This is how my sister and I came to find ourselves one evening in London. Water water everywhere and not a drop to sip. (Change “water” to “champagne” and you will have our general mood).

“This looks a bit shit,” one of us murmurs “but shall we watch it?”. Yah, we have nothing better to do. Enter episode one of the Honourable Woman, which I have to admit did not really impress me. Yet I found myself returning week after week to watch it.  (I have not religiously watched a weekly series since Twin Peaks and I’m not exaggerating).  I believe it was because of the women.

When was the last time you saw a tv series filled with older women in strong roles with excellent dialogue? I counted seven such women in the last episode alone. And guess what, none of them moaned about the men in their lives, bitched about other women or was jealous of someone younger.  How marvellous that a serious drama about the Palestine conflict also brought women to the fore front and captured and intrigued us for 8 weeks.

The Hon Woman was clever and slick – a little too slick sometimes but I liked it. It was cut excellently and left us gasping for more each week despite it being a slow burner.  Gyllenhaal’s English accent and inability to keep her clothes on was a a little irritating at times but her candy pink silk blouses made up for it.  I’m also not sure why she needed to be violently raped twice (the second was surely gratuitous and served no purpose?)

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable tv drama and the cast deserve all the praise they will receive.  If you’ve been living under a rock or not in the UK, catch the series on BBC iPlayer.


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