Disobedient Objects

disobedient objects

One thing I have in common with my 2 year old nephew is a need to be constantly entertained. One thing I should learn from him is that I can do this by myself.

London is awash with free and cheap “things to do” and I am guilty of losing sight of this.

On a boring Sunday, a day I have recently resigned to a tube-free day, I broke that habit and headed to the V&A Museum in South Kensington.  The tube was hot and heaving – I had to stand, South Ken was rammed with tourists and I had to queue to get out of the station. Things that would never bother me before so I will not let them bother me now!

The V&A is the best museum in the world. Fact. The walk up to it is divine, there are cute book shops, early lunchers watching the world and I love the Ishmaeli mosque too. Even on a busy Sunday, I am tranquil in the V&A, it is peaceful in here. Also, all those kids with the multi coloured backpacks have taken a left and headed to the Other Museum. Bliss.

The Disobedient Objects exhibition is free and it is good.

Objects from around the world that have been used for some political dissent by its makers. A demonstration against laws about homosexuality, treatment of religious minorities and women angry at their treatment.

It is colourful and it is wild with wonderful tales presented to you first hand through videos, written material by the activists and the disobedient object itself.

I liked that you could see an object, read about it and then watch how it was used in real life!

As a particularly apathetic person – I definitely fall into the “what’s the point” gang, I felt proud of these world wide demonstrators. I recently went on a demo for peace in Gaza and was shocked to realise most people there were fasting during Ramadan. It was hot. That such passion for a cause, any cause, exists is heart-warming.

Power to the People.


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