Fantasy Bobs

Bob Michelle-Pfeiffer-Scarface-bob-haircut

The 90s are still riding the trend wave and so now it is the turn of hair…the bob! Of course bob haircuts have regularly enjoyed a comeback as they are so cute but they are a hairstyle I fantasise about having but will never actually get as I am a chicken and love my long curly wurly princess hair.

Soooooooo……. here are my favourite bob haircuts to inspire you (including gorgeous Michelle Pfieffer’s Scarface bob above) if you are braver than me and can handle their high maintenance :

bob _katie_holmes

Katie Holmes with fringe…

bob-katie holmes hairstyle-trend

Katie Holmes demonstrating a fabulous bob without a fringe…what a dilemma!!

"Schiaparelli And Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala

Fashion’s seal of approval granted by Anna Wintour who always has a bob

bob marilyn monroe

Surely the most glamorous bob ever, who wouldn’t want to look like this??

bob uma therman pulp fiction

Uma Therman’s bob in Pulp Fiction became almost as famous as the Chanel Rouge Noir nail varnish

bob sjp

SJP’s Carrie was extremely annoying in the Sex And The City series where she had this hairstyle…don’t let that put you off.

Do you have a fantasy hairstyle that you love but you’ll never get done? Tell us in the comments below!


4 Comments to “Fantasy Bobs”

  1. Love the styles you picked, I used to have a bob but the ends would always stick out they’re high maintenance!

  2. I had a bob in the 90s but I agree, they are high maintenance unless you’re blessed with wave-free hair.

    Michelle Pfeiffer looks awesome doesn’t she…. I looked more like Betty Boop (days before straighteners, sigh).

    I recently had a short haircut and the only way I could cope was to go mega messy rather than Katire Holmes slick cut. So head upside down, blasted with Elnett and that’s it!

    I read somewhere that this is the least desired hair on women by men. Proof (if we needed it) that when I get a haircut, a man’s fine opinion is way down the list.

  3. I love Bob’s but having frizzy asian explosion hair, I have never been able to manage any of the Bob’s I have chosen to grace my head!!! I hated it so much that I too chopped my hair off and had very short hair for many years until the birth of straighteners!

  4. p.s. one of favourites has to be Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. The lady was so sexy, I really thought the haircut could make me look like that!! LOL!!!

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