Cafe Below

cafe below london

God, I love living in London.

Where else can you eat lunch in a crypt made by Sir Christopher Wren? Cafe Below is an exquisite cafe under St Mary-Le-Bow Church on Cheapside. A hop and a skip away from Bank tube station.
The Church is perfectly compact amongst all the city buildings with a small courtyard beside. You could have lunch outside but even if it’s a nice day, I suggest you go inside. You walk through a typically gorgeous interior but the church’s “smallness” makes everything a little sharper and you are very aware that you are standing inside a piece of history while your gaze admires the stained glass.

Cafe Below is below the church – the crypt. How wonderfully spooky. There are only a few tables and the ceilings are low. I was sitting next to a huge oak door that was slightly ajar so I half wished that old Father John would walk through in his sandals en route to scribing class. Did monks wander through crypts? I suspect not.

I ordered the sea bass which was served with baby new potatoes, asparagus and salsa Verde. All for £8! Very reasonable considering I can spend that in Pret-a-Manger easily enough. To my shame I can’t remember what my friend ordered (this was 2 days ago) because I was so ummm-ummmming over my own delicious lunch.

We both had the same dessert though, a blackberry marzipan tart. Lush! My mouth is still watering, I wish I had taken even longer to savour every mouthful.

A hidden treasure, go find and enjoy!


2 Comments to “Cafe Below”

  1. Wow! I will definitely be giving this place a visit next time I am in town

  2. I should say the photo shows the entire restaurant. That’s how lovely and intimate it is!

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