Get Lippy

bably lips maybelline

Maybelline’s lovely lip balm, Baby Lips, has been released with a lip tint, in both subtle and neon colours.  They are, simply, amazing and dirt cheap to boot.  My favourite is Pink Punch which will suit all Asian skin colours, especially if you’re a bit darker.

If you’re very pale, I suggest this colour might look a little chavvy but if that’s your look, then go for it.

I put it on at 8am this morning and didn’t need a touch up until lunchtime despite drinking tea and munching biscuits. It is wonderfully succulent and moisturising, I love the grown up baby pink! Less bubble gum, more “hey my lips are really this pink”.

Even better, Superdrug is currently selling them for £2.99 and a second purchase is half price. I got a neon orange too but I haven’t tried it yet because I’m obsessively using the other one just now. And, did I mention how cute the packaging is?



4 Comments to “Get Lippy”

  1. Can’t believe the price, I’m going to have to buy all shades now!

  2. Bunty, you’re addicted to makeup!

  3. I got this last week! It makes a nice difference from my usual carmex

  4. I’d like to report that the neon orange is fabulous. Very subtle colour, perfect with my coral blusher!

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