Brown Girl

Dear Chatterattis, it is time to embrace bronzer.

A lot of you will instantly say OompaLoompa and a lot of you (tut tut) will say why would I want to look darker??

Bronzer will not make you darker. If applied correctly it will not make you look like you’re wearing war paint either. Apply in a Number Three over your face, i.e. across your forehead, under your cheeks and finish across your jawline. Use the biggest brush you can get to avoid stripes and never ever use the wee brush that may come with the powder. You will still need your usual blusher on the apples of cheeks.

My skin colour is described fair for an Asian (not so fair that I look Italian, I am definitely brown) but my undertones are yellow and that is not a good look.

I have started to experiment with bronzer and I do not look darker, I look healthy. And, quite frankly, I will not be dictated to about what level of colour is deemed beautiful by a backward culture in South Asia when I live in London. Give me a break.

Loadsa Money!!

estee lauder aerin beauty bronzer

If money is not an issue you need Estee Lauder’s Aerin Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder (about £35).

So subtle, this just kisses the edge of your face to make you glow. Level 2 for Asians skin and darker, Level 1 for white.

Hmm, can I try something a little cheaper?
Estee Lauder also have an amazing limited edition bronzer every summer called Bronze Goddess. Expensive. But hurrah, Body Shop have ripped it off with a make-up dupe.

Body shop honey bronze shimmering dry oil

Get their Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil which is currently £16. It is fabulous and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. An over-all-body oil (including face) which looks incredible. It’s supposed to highlight a tan but if you’re already brown, this is exactly what you need to lift the colour. Light gold or dark gold – the dark gold is too dark for me so I went for the light one. If you buy it now, it comes in a box with a pressed powder (the one I got is translucent) and a shimmer lip balm all for £20.


If you don’t want the shimmery look then try Benefit’s Hoola bronzer (£23) and will easily last a year. Read the reviews, this is consistently given 4s and 5s by its fans and is one of Benefit’s best sellers. This will make you look a little darker so if you’re one of those brown girls that balks at the thought of that, then avoid.

That’s still a bit pricey!

If you’ve never bronzed up before and need to experiment first then try Sleek. This is a cheap but superior make-up brand sold in Superdrug. Their Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder will do the job without bronzey sparkles. You need to pick a colour 1 to 2 shades lighter than your actual skin colour as this acts like a highlighter for your face rather than darkening areas. No. 2 is good for me and this is a pop at £6.99!

If you want to go darker, then No 3 is okay but personally, I felt No 4 was a little too orangey.



7 Comments to “Brown Girl”

  1. I’m not convinced, Bunty do you wear blusher and bronzer? I will pinch a bit of yours to try.

    • Yes! As you know, I’m addicted to make-up so I actually sweep a clear powder down my nose and across my forehead. Then hit blusher on the apples of my cheeks and bronzer across my temples and under my cheekbones and jawline.

      The result is a natural autumnal glow… I hate all the current sculpting trends that kids go in for, not for me. I prefer this natural look (in a kind of takes-a-lot-of-makeup-to-look-natural kind of way!)

  2. I will definitely be trying the body shop one…. There has been times I have felt I looked great after applying bronzer…. Then have gone out in natural light! Safe to say I have not made that mistake again!

  3. I’m a Bronzer girl in the summer months. If you’ve not tried it, Mercer does a great one for Asian skin types.

  4. I tried the Body Shop Honey Bronze and I LOVE it! It gives a great shimmer to your legs for when you go bare (maybe not so much in the cold UK winter months).
    I like to use bronzer to contour when I’m wearing foundation, otherwise I end up with a really flat, one tone look which isn’t very natural.
    You definitely do not want to put bronzer on in a dark room, but then I’m quite guilty of that with blusher and get asked if I’ve just come out of the gym…

  5. The bodyshop bronzer in particular is not brown – it just lifts your skin colour to a warm honey. I am addicted.

    Also my friend uses the honey bronze as a highlighter so don’t be scared to blend it on your face for a glamour night out.

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