Million Dollar Arm

Million Dollar Arm

A few weeks ago I had realised that there were no Hollywood in Bollywood films on the horizon. Could it be? Could the Slumdog Millionaire franchise actually fail to produce another saccharine feel-good Hollywood blockbuster? Are there no more Americans that need to travel to India and “find him/herself” and return a changed human being for the greater good?

And then just like buses, three films come at once. One I’ve forgotten about already. I couldn’t face the Helen Mirren cooking one. But the baseball one seemed palatable, not least because the hunk (haven’t said that for a while) from Mad Men was in it. Enter… Million Dollar Arm.
It’s got everything. Sitar music from the outset! American asshole humbled by India Experience! Backward villagers amazed in an elevator! The electric doors ha ha ha! Pizza wow what is pizza! Hai Baagvan! A film about baseball and cricket, how do we get dancing girls in this?? Oh wait, they can dance on a stage instead, our boys can go to a party where there are women in bikinis! Hurrah!

Look, it’s a Disney film, what do you expect? Disney haven’t produced a decent flick since The Mighty Ducks and that may have been back when I didn’t realise Emilio Estevez is a midget. But, I digress….

It’s a good afternoon film, the kids sitting around me seemed to find it funny too. Not sure why. It’s a true story which makes it pretty cool and less corny. Yes, I would recommend it if you can’t decide what to watch. I hate rom coms, my friend hates violence, so it suited us just fine!


One Comment to “Million Dollar Arm”

  1. OMG, how can you rehash the same story line so many times?
    Oh wait, that’s what they’ve been doing in Bollywood for the last 50 years…

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