Countryside Chic: Day 1 Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS15

pero 1

Pero @ WIFW SS15

Aneeth Arora had the honour of the opening show for her still young fashion brand, pero, at WIFW SS15 igniting the buzz for the week ahead.

The catwalk was covered in faux grass and planted with real flowers that looked adorable. The gift for us in the media side included cute little herbs planted in teeny pots, I pinched a tulsi – thanks, Aneeth I’d been meaning to get one for ages!

Pero is a brand quite known for its cottons and this is one of the most tolerable of textiles in hot Summer months. Taking inspiration from the countryside and Parisian chic, the designs that Aneeth presented for next Summer included chintzy prints, layered with crochet and antique style flower embroidery. The silhouettes are mostly big and breezy and the mostly white collection got a much needed colour burst thanks to the florals.

pero 2

Pero @ WIFW SS15

pero 3


Pero @ WIFW SS15

I don’t think the styling with the Nike trainers worked, however, is that how Parisians would wear these styles? I thought they hated American Everything!!


3 Comments to “Countryside Chic: Day 1 Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS15”

  1. It looks very wearable, but I agree, the trainers – quel horreur!

  2. Styling that works for other designers doesn’t always translate well to other brands, shame as the designs look good.

  3. I like the trainers! Sorry guys but I have spent all summer with mild Chanel Trainer Envy. Bring it on!

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