Baby Name Trends, What to Avoid


Besides Christmas, December means endless lists summarising the year that was and we begin the reflection with a look at popular baby names.  Personally I’d want to know in order to avoid them, just like fashion trends sometimes it’s best to go off piste although perhaps not as much as Gwyneth Paltrow!

Reflecting the diversity of Britain, Muhammad shot to the number one spot as the most popular baby name, perhaps Wills and Kate can consider it for little No.2 next year? I’m a Muslim and this is the most over exposed, unimaginative name ever, however, I feel that the list missed the cultural nuance of the name’s inclusion.  For example, a baby called Muhammed Ibrahim would in day to day use be referred to as Ibrahim, that’s my experience anyway please correct me if I’m wrong.

Other Arabic names that made the list (this time for girls) are Nur and Maryam. I love Hebrew names but according to the list, Noah and Joshua are in the top ten, and I like the Arabic version of them too. In my family, names beginning with Z are popular amongst the new little froggies.  Some cultures believe children take the spirit and meaning of their name into their personalities and that naming shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Although there is no scientific backing to this theory it is something I subscribe to (to an extent, sorry Richard Dawkins I know you’ll go crazy). I LOVE Persian names but this is highly biased and vain of course.

My youngest nephew has a name beginning with X, how exotic! We poured over lists and lists of names before he was born and had selected Fahd (meaning leopard) but when he was born he didn’t look like a Fahd.  In the end we selected Xaver Raza, meaning powerful and mighty and Raza meaning handsome. He is only two but my goodness he lives up to both meanings!

You can see the top ten names for boys and girls here.


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