New Year, New You…Whatever!!

meditating pose

Happy New Year from The Chatterjis!! Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2015 already, blink and it will be gone.  Have you stopped over eating yet or are there still boxes of bread sticks and unopened chocolate boxes that need munched?

Undoubtedly many of us would have spent at least 60 seconds thinking of something that we wanted to do or do differently this year.  Spend 5 minutes every day meditating (who on earth has time for that, we’re all so BUSY!), clear the credit cards (promise after the sales!) and so on….why is it that so few of us manage to stick to the new goal? Probably because it’s hard to break enshrined habits but I think it’s healthy enough just to even acknowledge that something you currently do needs to change as it shows self awareness.

I like my 7 year old niece’s new year’s resolution: that she’s going to cry less. Sounds like a plan!


2 Comments to “New Year, New You…Whatever!!”

  1. Haha I like your niece’s resolution. I am going to try and be less of a whine, let’s see!

  2. I’m not going on any diets this year

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