Divine Diversity at Amazon India Fashion Week

samant chauhan 4

Samant Chauhan, AIFW AW2015

With a female population greater than the whole of Europe, the Indian customer is as diverse as her social calender. This means that Indian designers can indulge in tried and tested traditional silhouettes and Western twists simultaneously.

Day 2 at Amazon India Fashion Week continued with Samant Chauhan peeling back another chapter from his ‘Rajputana’ series, this time dedicated to the ‘Kumari’ or child goddess more commonly celebrated in Nepal. Inspiration aside, this was a wonderfully feminine collection and with just enough antique style embroidery to keep the collection fresh and interesting. I particularly loved the shirt/coat dress which had a bit of the Katharine Hepburn independent rebel touch.

samant chauhan 1

Samant Chauhan, AIFW AW2015

samant chauhan 3

Samant Chauhan, AIFW AW2015

samant chauhan 2

Samant Chauhan, AIFW AW2015

Hemant and Nandita are a talented design duo but this season their inspiration got the better of them. The ‘Boho Caravan’ celebration of ethnic designs and folk tales veered too much in the direction of fancy dress. The clashing prints and textures were lovely it was the silhouettes I had an issue with.

hemant nandita 1

Hemant & Nandita, AIFW AW2015

hemant nandita 2

Hemant & Nandita, AIFW AW2015

Where they scored mega hits was when they contemporised their ideas to make the designs relevant to young women.

hemant nandita 4

Hemant & Nandita, AIFW AW2015

Of course styling for shows is meant to create a stir so perhaps when stripped down and worn with ripped denim even the Mexican blanket coats will look fab.

abraham and thakore 1

Abraham & Thakore, AIFW AW2015

abraham and thakore 3

Abraham & Thakore, AIFW AW2015

abraham and thakore 2

Abraham & Thakore, AIFW AW2015

Abraham & Thakore’s move towards a tougher, more directional silhouette was warmly welcomed. The designers have been working with Indian weavers for decades and it was great to see them giving the textiles a modern touch for city life. My two gripes: the head to toe chocolate/coffee outfits looked dowdy and the menswear…yikes! Woman repellant!!

abraham and thakore 5

Abraham & Thakore, AIFW AW2015


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