Jihadi Brides

jihadi brides

BBC2 ran a programme rather late on Thursday night called Jihadi Brides. I happened to see it after reaching saturation point with Question Time on BBC1 so it was an accidental yet intriguing insight into these young girls and women as well as their ideology. I’m a Muslim woman (selectively practicing), too old/wild to be groomed but quite bemused by these holier than thou Muslims. These are some of the opinions raised from the programme:

1. Professional: These young women are not stupid, they are intelligent and educated.

2. Professional: The young women may lack an ability for critical thinking.

3. Jihadi bride (JB) during grooming: I’m confused, I have done things in the past that are not Islamic and want to correct this.

4. JB: Shia Muslims are worse than non-believers, I would make a pig my friend before one of them.

5. JB: I have to stop plucking my eyebrows as this is against Islam but I can’t handle it, this is hard.

6. JB: The role of a Muslim woman is as Mother or Wife, if you want to join us forget your feminist Western ideas (said with disgust).

7. JB: Leaving your family is tough especially the first phone call home as your parents weep and ask you to return but you know you’re never going back.

8. Former recruiter (female): It’s like a cult. They tap into normal insecurities and confused teenage minds.


Could these girls please point to the bits in Islam that make it okay to: steal from your parents (for expenses), to lie, to run away to men who are complete strangers or to kill people from a different religion?

A side issue touched on by the programme was the normality of some of their, often privileged, backgrounds and their liberal parents.  I hope that David Cameron, Theresa May et al make time to watch this programme online after the election so that they realise that communities cannot police these deluded young adults.

I wonder why it is that these people don’t protest, lobby or join politics in the UK to proactively and legally deal with the issues they are passionate about?


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