Hey Pretty Eyes!

thandie-in-violet make up

We all have a tried and tested ‘face’ that we can slap on to trundle through a regular day. Of course ‘regular day’ is an elastic phrase if, like me, you’re of South Asian origin.  Once upon a time my regular day face consisted of what most women would consider full bridal makeup. As I’ve gotten older my makeup has become significantly lighter and more sparing yet I still haven’t often been quite daring.

nars guy bourdin

About a month went to the amaaaazing Guy Bourdin exhibition at Somerset House just before its final curtain call. The gift shop had an amazing Nars makeup range commissioned especially for the exhibition as Nars was a main sponsor. My sis treated me to a cheek palette and eye pencil gift set and over the weeks I have become addicted to the colours in the eye pencil set that I thought I would use the least: royal blue and violet.  I am ADDICTED.

Nars bright violet larger than life long wear eyelinerNars Rue saint honore larger than life lng wear eyeliner

I had ditched the black liquid eyeliner and wing/flicks years ago in favour of a dark brown pencil with a teeny amount of glitter going through it for a more subtle day look.  Adding violet or royal blue under my bottom lashes simply looks divine. You’ll need to dab on a little mascara to your lashes afterwards as some eye pencil will transfer to them.

I’m unable to take great photography of my make up to demonstrate so you have to use some imagination but these are the steps I recommend, using a pencil for a more smudged less-than-perfect look:

1. Add bronze or dark brown along your top line and to the outer corner of your bottom lash line.

2. Draw the coloured pencil under your bottom lashes and over the outer quarter of your top lid. If you have nice long bottom lashes simply lift them with the pencil to reach your eye. The pigment in the parts where you have the darker shade underneath will appear more subtly.

3. Add mascara, clean up with a cotton bud where necessary.

4. Enjoy!

If you’re unsure about coloured eye pencils, you can try them out with cheaper brands first but my words of caution are that cheaper brands require greater force to get the pigment out causing drag along your delicate skin so do be careful.

Coloured eye pencils possibly shouldn’t match your outfit as the overall look can be heavy and on the wrong side of the 1980s. Where it works a treat is on double denim days, nothing adds a dash of everyday glamour to this extreme casual look than royal blue eyeliner.



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