Indian Summers Addiction

Indian-Summers 1

There a few ingredients on TV that rock my boat: period drama, excellent fashion and style, architecture and politics. Mix all of these ingredients together and the outcome is INDIAN SUMMERS on Channel 4.

From the opening scenes of a sprawling villa in the Indian hills with indulgent hanging flowers and vines, you could almost inhale the heat and fragrance from the screen. After making me sickeningly envious of this property, we are slowing introduced to the characters who will keep us company at 9pm on Sunday evenings. Indian Summers

I’ve been a little lazy with my review and we are well into the story now with only a hand full of episodes remaining but it is well worth watching online.

My dear, sneering sister is mocks me every time I mention Indian Summers. There is a character almost exactly like her in the story who, incidentally, is also a lawyer. Both the fictional character and my sister re-enact fictional but stereotypical scenes from the Raj.  Example: ‘Can Indian man a kiss vite voman?’ Get the picture?

Indian Summers  Dougie

Missing: From Broadway market, London 🙂

Indian-Summers 4

To my sister and her peers I volunteer the following opinion: The story paints neither the British or the Indians in a patronising ‘good’ or ‘bad’ light and the characters are given intelligent, well thought out dialogue. I also like the loving yet witty relationships portrayed between siblings which is still quite unusual. TV fiction often gives central characters little family of any value and it’s wonderful seeing a familiar dynamic. Besides these two points, overall Indian Summers just has a really good story worth watching and relishing and I will miss it when it’s all over.



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