My White Wrists


My White Wrists (Chitiyan Kalayan) is  the translation of a chorus of a Bollywood song that has been in the top ten in the BBC Asian Radio Charts and on radio loops in India non-stop.

Songs like this make me want to scream: is there no hope of evolution in the South Asian community’s mentality about skin colour? Before the ‘lighten up, it’s only a song’ crowd step in may I please point out that I’m sick of not saying anything. Songs like this are crass and make me cringe. Why continue to value skin colour as a prized trait?

Most of us used to think that these lyrics would die with the older generation but the current and younger generations seem happy to peddle the skin colour prejudices. Indian radio can do what it wants but I am a BBC licence fee payer, how does BBC Asian Radio justify playing songs like these when there are plenty others to choose from.

No white writsts. No white cheeks. Your lyrics are lazy, boring and offensive.


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