The Challenge of Things, A C Grayling

AC Grayling The Challenge of Things

Professor of Philosophy, A C Grayling gave a wonderful presentation of essays yesterday afternoon at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. His new book is a collection of essays of a variety of subjects quite like in the ‘pre-novel’ era when essays were highly regarded.

An example of of one of his adapted essays: In the future would developing countries look to China as a model for development rather that the West and democracy? The Chinese model works well for businesses in China, providing stability and predictability. Of course, there is a lack of transparency and huge suppression of its population but if every country strives for economic growth and countries like Britain are trying to get rid of the Human Rights Act as it gets in the way of reaching economic growth aren’t we all heading that way anyway? And what of democracy in China? It is a minority interest and the vast majority of Chinese prefer the system of stability that they have.

I was full of admiration of A C Grayling’s sponge like memory that retains vast amounts of wonderful multidisciplinary information and he communicates it with wit, kindness and enthusiasm.



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