Amazon India Fashion Week Grand Finale SS16

5 Grand Finale 5

Grand Finale, AIFW SS16

The theme of the Grand Finale this season at Amazon India Fashion Week SS16 was textiles of Varanasi or Benaras as it is traditionally known. The Who’s Who of the Indian fashion industry participated by adding a few looks to make up the show. Benaras is famous for its hand woven silks, woven since ancient history but bestowed their most famous patronage by the Mughals.

5 Grand Finale 1

Grand Finale, AIFW SS16

5 Grand Finale 2

Grand Finale, AIFW SS16

From contemporary to traditional bridal trousseau, it was wonderful seeing the versatility of textiles from the area.

5 Grand Finale 3

Grand Finale, AIFW SS16
5 Grand Finale 4
Grand Finale, AIFW SS16


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