House Swap Syria!

home swap

It seems as though almost every week a deluded Muslim family from the UK disappears to join Isis. They could at least add a note on Facebook or Gumtree that they’re looking for a home swap with a Syrian family rather than add to the number of Britain’s empty homes. What do they think when they see pictures of Syrians fleeing in their millions and the bomb ridden piles of rubble in the streets?

As a Muslim myself, albeit a lazy one, I can’t imagine how dire the lives of the people who run away to Turkey and onward to Syria must be.  I think they must suffer from Hero Complex. That if only they joined in, maybe they could sort all the mess out. If only they could hold a Kalashnikov like could bring about the caliphate and be back in the UK by Christmas.

Note to the Syrian family: the keys are under the mat, where are you leaving yours?



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