The Chatterjis Nominated for Asian Media Award 2015

Asian Media Awards

Ooh fancy that, The Chatterjis Blog has been nominated Best Blog at this year’s Asian Media Awards! In its third year of recognising and rooting for Asian talent in the mainstream and online media, the awards are backed by some of the British media industry’s biggest players.

Other nominees for best blog include:

Amena Beauty
British Asian Podcast
Kaushal Modha

Our own dear blog is a labour of love and exists to share our news and views on anything we fancy and that we hope interests you too! We are an inclusive blog and love receiving your emails. There is much in common among all of us regardless of the technicalities of ‘where we come from’ and other pigeon holes.

The awards take place on 29 October 2015 in Manchester and you can read more about the award categories and nominees on the Asian Media Awards website.

Bunty & Bubbly


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