The Most Buzzing Saturday Night in Delhi!

jawane janeman

I’m going to Delhi for a couple of months soon and one of the things I look forward to is a Saturday night drink and a bit of dancing at my favourite bar, Buzz!  Buzz is the craziest and most amazing place not due to the decor, which is the average typical bar style, but due to the crowd it pulls and the music.

Buzz is in MGF Mall behind Select City Walk Mall and it will only get busy around 11pm. I’m quite lazy and lucky (a convenient combination) and live close by in Sainik Farms which is about 3 minutes away from both malls so I enjoy the short commute for once. For my work I usually have to travel miles and miles!

Buzz is wicked, yes really. It’s the only word that would do for a bar that plays all the rocking retro Bollywood tracks that you were probably far too young to enjoy when they were released. The image above of the totally amazing Parveen Babi in a gold sequin jumpsuit from the hit track Jawaane Janeman is on the playlist, as is this wacky number:

apni to jaise taise apni to jaise taise 2

Apni to Jaise Taise is a pretty awful, or one might say unique, song that ordinarily should never be played in a nightclub. I’d never seen the video until a few days ago when it clicked: it’s filmed in a nightclub so of course it is on the playlist! So many questions though as I haven’t seen the movie, why is Amitabh wearing those clothes on a night out and why is he tapping a tambourine, who new is was the instrument of an alpha male? Now that I know the back story I love it. I actually loved watching (slightly confused) the crowd’s reaction each time it was played – they go wild with delight, even the bar staff!

Other amazing songs regularly heard in Buzz are tracks from Disco Dancer, newer Bollywood hits and Michael Jackson…basically the songs played in Old School Hour with Noreen Khan or Bobby Friction on BBC Asian Radio Network.

The crowd is regular so there aren’t any sleazeballs. The age range stretches from 25 – 65, yes there are old cool dudes, mustachioed men, both young and middle-aged married couples celebrating birthdays but the atmosphere is great.

Sadly Buzz closes at 1.30am as per the law in Delhi so you have to buzz off to a hotel nightclub for further action. I usually can’t be bothered as I’m terrified of the drunk drivers on the road.

If you want a calmer and alternative ‘safe cool’ night out then I thoroughly recommend a bar in Khan Market called Town Hall. It’s not a hall or Delhi’s town hall but just what it’s called. There is a great New York vibe and the interiors are amazing. You’ll need to call ahead and book a table or else stand in your heels.

Last bit of advice: Buzz is only good on a Saturday night, Town Hall is fab every night of the week.



One Comment to “The Most Buzzing Saturday Night in Delhi!”

  1. That place sounds hilarious! Makes me want to go to Delhi!!

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