The Danish Girl Isn’t My Kinda Girl

The Danish Girl

I sort of hobbled over to the Bloomsbury Curzon to catch The Danish Girl with Bunty as I had just knocked back a bottle of prosecco with another friend.

I arrived before Bunty and temporarily forgot what I was meant to be watching, asked the bar staff which screen The Danish Lady was in. I was duly informed that The Danish GIRL was upstairs and that the toilets were behind me. I was pissed and confused: But I never asked about the toilets. I clearly looked like I needed a mirror or something.

Bunty and two more girlfriends joined me, we got another bottle of prosecco, I spilled popcorn in the foyer (mortified!) and we finally sat down to watch the film.  What kind of pathetic girl does this character want to be??

The transformation of Einar into Lily is cringing. Watching the contrived ‘Oscar-winning’ performance of Eddie Redmayne into a nervous, moody, pouty, posing, diva makes you wonder at the women that Einar grew up around. Gerda, Einar’s wife who supports his sex change, is a strong, assertive, talented, patient and loving woman. Another woman in the film in their friendship circle is portrayed as confident and a little mischievous.

Lily, in my opinion, should have looked to her friends for inspiration. Of course, if you’re that kind of woman you probably disagree with me entirely!




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