The Uncensored Household

Burning the midnight oil, talking, talking and more talking. Bunty and Bubbly have brought the Chatterjis house alive with their take on contemporary South Asian culture. Their views on politics, society and family are up for debate on this exciting blog. No subject is taboo and they will probably say what others are thinking or haven’t even contemplated.

Bunty and Bubbly have an inquisitive nature and like to question the status quo. They ask questions from the perspectives of a daughter, sister, partner, mother, aunty, grandmother and citizen. Bunty and Bubbly have travelled the world and have seen many different perspectives. They love their culture but also see and appreciate the beauty of others. They take from the world the fruits that they like and trample on the ones that they don’t.

Bunty is a wife and mother of two children who also runs a successful business. Her career has taken a journey from film and television to ethical fashion,  none of which were acceptable to her family, but she soldiered on. She has won numerous awards for her business and strives to endorse ethics in everything she does.

Bubbly is a new British fashion designer with her own company. Bubbly lives and works between London and Delhi and has been exposed to cultural and political differences in day to day living. Bubbly is a devoted aunty who takes an active interest in the upbringing of her little nieces and nephews.

A chance meeting brought together these two headstrong women of Hindu and Muslim background. A friendship was struck and they found they could talk and laugh for hours.

The very best therapy life can offer.

So please join us…get stuck in and have your say!


The Chatterjis Blog has had the honour of being official bloggers for the Asia House literature festival 2013-2015, we are accredited bloggers for The Edinburgh International Book Festival and Bubbly is an  accredited blogger for official Indian fashion and couture/bridal fashion weeks.

You can contact us by emailing thechatterjisblog@gmail.com

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