This page explains the spirit and ethos of each of our categories.

  • Daily Musings & Ponderings: Bunty and Bubbly think out loud and reflect on topics that spring into their heads whether as a result of current affairs or daydreams.
  • Hall of Fame: An insight into incredible people who have done incredible things.
  • The Oracle of Delhi: Inspired by the Oracle of Delphi – adviser to the gods and warlords of Ancient Greece the Oracle had wise words, insight and prophecies aplenty to hand out. However, she was also frequently wrong. Here, we propose ideas and reflections of a world yet to come but may not…
  • Daughtergate Diaries: A chance for daughters whatever their age or status to have a say….

The most recent posts can be viewed on the home page. Previous posts are available in the archives.  Please browse through them and provide us with your comments and feedback.

We look forward to debating with you.

Bunty & Bubbly

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