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November 28, 2013

Home by Toni Morrison

home toni morrison

Like many bloggers, I am a closet novelist. Ah yes, that theory that we all have within us one great story. I can write! I am interesting! Funny, dramatic, sensational. First I will win the Costa book awards and then Booker to prove I’m not winning just because I am of the gentler sex (ha!)

Then, I read something by Toni Morrison and my god, will she metaphorically dedicatedly superliciously crap all over that fantasy.

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October 13, 2011

A Rage in Harlem

This book opens with a scene where our hero is “raising” 10 dollar bills by turning them into 100 dollar bills.  “Poppycock!”, I thought aged 16 when I first attempted to read this book (well, the Scottish equivalent of poppycock, anyway).

Having been forced to give the book another chance by my sister I can confirm what a joy it is to have read “A Rage in Harlem” by Chester Himes.  The characters, dialogue and scenes are magnificent to read in a New York drawl. 

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