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March 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary Chatterjis

It’s International Women’s Day and our first anniversary!!!

So while Polly Tonybee in the Guardian today writes about it being the worst time in recent history for women in England and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on BBC Radio heralds women, we would like to celebrate womanhood.

It has a been a great year talking to all you Chatterboxes. We have reached 29,709 views and submitted 544 posts covering some amazing subjects from women’s rights to philosophy, family to relationships, politics to literature, style to food. 

We thank you all for contributing to our vibrant blog and making The Chatterjis so successful.

We would welcome your thoughts and feedback on our blog and please continue to send us stories for our Daughtergate Diaries.

We are both looking forward to the year ahead and hope to bring your more chattering delights.

Bunty & Bubbly x

April 6, 2011

The Chatterjis Gets 3000 Hits.

Last weekend, The Chatterjis surpassed 3000 hits in 4 weeks. Whoopie!!!

This is all thanks to you, our readers. Thank You.

Bubbly and I are overwhelmed with the support we have received for The Chatterjis. Some of you have subscribed (which is free and a very handy reminder), some of you comment (you can do this anonymously) and some you contribute with great comments.

Keep on chatting with The Chatterjis.

Bunty & Bubbly