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February 20, 2012

A Touch Of Twist/Pleat

As Delhi Fashion Week is in full flow, one of the most talked about duos at London Fashion Week is New Generation sponsored label, Palmer/Harding.

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June 21, 2011

Ethics, What Ethics?

The BBC Trust ruled that the footage on the Panorama programme showing small children working on clothing for Primark in Banglore in June 2008 was not authentic. The programme highlighted how Primark’s own ethical guidelines were being broken with its suppliers outsourcing to home workers and smaller factories who were using small children.


However, some of the journalists concerned, including Guardian media correspondence Roy Greensdale, are outraged and are concerned that this ruling has been made on inconclusive evidence.

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April 21, 2011

Size Matters

Today an interesting conversation with my pattern cutter led me to believe, size matters. To him, it is all about inches. To me it is also about perception. Do we buy to the size we are or the size we think we are?

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March 31, 2011

Bargain Beaver

Uniqlo have a fab range of skirts this season, perfect for work, like this one:

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March 28, 2011

Name and Shame

Just a quickie to draw your attention to a growing number of High Street chains who are selling/used to sell padded bikinis for children!

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